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College teachers have increased expectations to create engaging, inclusive, and effective learning environments.  Active learning is a must, but with the multitudes of  teaching strategies available, how does one choose the best methods to use?

Seven Ways of Learning provides a framework to help sort through the vast literature about college teaching and match your distinct learning goals with the most effective teaching strategies.

It goes beyond tips and tricks to tie teaching methods with well-established theories of learning and focus on intentional practice.

When teaching methods are purposefully chosen and implemented, they are ultimately more effective, and in the end, more enjoyable for both students and instructors.

What scholars in the field have to say about this book…

In a crowded marketplace of snake oil cure-alls for Higher Education comes this refreshingly straight-forward, sensible, and practical guide for college teachers.    – Michael Wesch

For those of us who care about our students’ learning – and I believe that is the attitude of the majority of teachers – this book offers valuable strategies for improving learning, and will be worth reading for years to come.    – Dee Fink

Warning….this book will result in seriously rethinking how to best facilitate learning in your students by promoting teaching practices contingent on expected learning. Seriously….well done.    – Todd Zakrajsek